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1-bromohrine is colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid, neutral or slightly acidic, sensitive to light, M.P. -10 ° C, B.P.71 ° C, relative density 1.357 (20 ° C), N20D 1.4341, can be arbitrarily proportional and alcoholic to alcohol and alcohol , Mixed with ether, slightly soluble in water. 1-bromohrine, as an organic synthetic raw material, is used in pesticides for synthetic organic phosphorus pesticides, patelin sulfurphus, picosium phosphorus, proprives, etc. The raw material of the reagent, the CAS number is 106-94-5. 1-The preparation methods of bromohrine are mainly the following two. * It is obtained by the patelisol and hydride. Add hydromodium bromic acid to concentrated sulfuric acid, then propylene glycol, and heating back 0.5h. The generated bromolyrine generated at 70-75 ° C is rolled out, then washed with thick hydrochloric acid, and then with sodium carbonate to 7 to 7. Use sodium-free sodium sulfate, filter, filter fluid distillation, collect 69-74 ° C distillation points to obtain bromide. * Obtain the reaction of patelisol and sodium bromide. Heat the patelisol and water and sodium bromide to the return, keep it with a drop of sulfuric acid at 69-72 ° C, add it, and continue to flow for 2h. Call for distillation, collect 68-100 ° C distillation liquid, wash with sodium carbonate solution until neutral, then distille, collect 68-76 ° C distillation, is bromide. In addition, under the existence of red phosphorus, naphtosylene and bromol can also be prepared.

1-1-bromobutane chemical CH3 (CH2) 3BR is a saturated one-yuan bromine hydrocarbon with a colorless liquid, insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol and ether. As a kind of bald hydrocarbon, the parental replacement response of 1-bromotane is usually SN2 mechanism. It is usually used as a alkyl -based reagent, or the grid reagent with magnesium -forming grid in the synthesis is used for carbon chain growth reactions. 1-bromotane is used to prepare metal organic compounds. Taking orthopedic lithium as an example: 2 li + C4H9X → C4H9Li + lix where X = CL, BR reacts with 1-3%sodium. As a reaction front -wheel drive, the product is a uniform solution containing orthopedic lithium and lithium bromide. (zh)
6-bromo-1-hexol is an organic compound with a chemical formula of BR (CH2) 6OH. It can be obtained by 1,6-glycol and hydride. (zh)
Crobane (chemical: C2H5BR), also known as ethyl bromide, is a kind of halogen hydrocarbon, abbreviated as ETBR. This volatile compounds have the same odor to ether.

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