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  • Is 1-bromobutane extraordinarily flammable? get samples from us

    Is 1-bromobutane extraordinarily flammable?Highly flammable. Insoluble in water. Special Hazards of Combustion Products: Toxic fumes of hydrogen bromide. 1-BROMOBUTANE is incompatible with robust bases and oxidizersWhich one has greater boiling factor 1-bromobutane or 2-bromobutane explain?1-bromobutane (n-butyl bromide) bp = 100° amongst constitutional isomers has greater boiling factor than 2-bromobutane which is branched isomer, has greater […]

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  • Sample Available for 1-bromo-4-pentene CAS Number 1119-51-3

    Classification: Organic IntermediateCas NO.: 1119-51-3EINECS: 214-281-4Name: 5-Bromo-1-penteneMolecular Formula: C5H9BrMelting Point: -106.7°C (estimate)Boiling Point: 126-127℃ (765 mmHg)Refractive index:1.462-1.465Flash Point: 30℃Purity: 99%usage: Pharmaceutical Intermediates5-Bromo-1-pentene is widely utilized in the stereoselective synthesis of 7alpha- (3-carboxypropyl) estradiol. It plays an important role as starting material in the synthesis of a variety of compounds including DL-histrionicotoxin and benzophenone containing fatty […]

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  • 5-Bromo-1-pentene supplier distributor CAS 1119-51-3

    Feel free to contact us to get samples of 5-Bromo-1-pentene CAS 1119-51-3 Description 5- Bromo-1-pentene is extensively employed in the stereoselective conflation of 7alpha-( 3- carboxypropyl) estradiol. It plays an important part as starting material in the conflation of a variety of composites including DL- histrionicotoxin and benzophenone containing adipose acids. PropertiesMolecular Weight:149.031Density:1.258Boiling Point:126-127℃ (765 […]

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  • What’s BMK greasepaint used for?

    What’s BMK greasepaint used for?BMK has limited licit uses; in Europe it’s substantially used to produce amphetamine, and decreasingly, for the product of methamphetamine. BMK may be imported to the EU but it’s more frequently produced locally frompre-precursors.What’s BMK medicine?BMK( benzyl methyl ketone, also called Phenylacetone) is the main precursor for the product of amphetamine. […]

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  • 3-oxo-2-phenylbutanaMide BMK powder

    3-oxo-2-phenylbutanaMide BMK powder CAS: 4433-77-6Product Name: 3-oxo-2-phenylbutanaMideMolecular Formula C10H11NO2Synonyms: BMK 3-Oxo-2-PhenylbutanaMide/BMK ;3-oxo-2-phenylbutanaMide Benzeneacetic acid (BMK powder,BMk glycidate) BMK powder;pharmaceutical intermediates 3-oxo-2-phenylbutanaMide bmk cas 4433-77-6; (bmk) talk with wickr ;PMK intermediate;BMK intermediate;bmk whatsappCAS: 4433-77-6MF: C10H11NO2MW: 177.2EINECS: 696-162-0Canonical SMILES HelpNew WindowCC(=O)C(C1=CC=CC=C1)C(=O)NInChI=1S/C10H11NO2/c1-7(12)9(10(11)13)8-5-3-2-4-6-8/h2-6,9H,1H3,(H2,11,13)Product Categories: medical intermediate;pharmaceutical intermediates;chemical research;medicine grade;pharmaceutical intermediateMolecular Weight 177.20XLogP3-AA 0.7Hydrogen Bond Donor Count 1Hydrogen Bond Acceptor […]

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  • Bromobutane is the organobromine emulsion with the formula

    PropertiesMolecular formula C4H9BrMolar mass137.02 g spook −1viscosity1.2686 g cm −3, liquidMelting point 112 °C, 161 K,-170 °F Boiling point101.4 °C, 375 K, 215 °F Bromobutane is the organobromine emulsion with the formula CH3( CH2) 3Br. It’s a tintless liquid, although impure samples appear unheroic. It’s undoable in water, but answerable in organic detergents. It’s a […]

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  • 1-bromohrine is colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid

    1-bromohrine is colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid, neutral or slightly acidic, sensitive to light, M.P. -10 ° C, B.P.71 ° C, relative density 1.357 (20 ° C), N20D 1.4341, can be arbitrarily proportional and alcoholic to alcohol and alcohol , Mixed with ether, slightly soluble in water. 1-bromohrine, as an organic synthetic raw material, […]

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  • 1-Bromobutane – Physico-chemical Properties

    1-Bromobutane ,It is used in the synthesis of the anesthetic tetracaine hydrochloride and also in the production of dyes and fragrances. Feel free to communicate us to get samples of 1- Bromobutane CAS Number 109-65-9Name: 1-BromobutaneCAS: 109-65-9Molecular Formula: C4H9BrMolecular Weight: 137.019CAS 109-65-9EINECS 203-691-9InChI InChI=1/C10H13BrO/c11-8-4-5-9-12-10-6-2-1-3-7-10/h1-3,6-7H,4-5,8-9H2Synonyms n-Butyl bromideBromobutaneBUTYL BROMIDE1-Brombutan1-bromo-butan1-butylbromidebromo butaneButane,1-bromo-N-Bromobutane(4-bromobutoxy)benzeneButane Molar Mass 137.019Density 1.3g/cm3Melting Point -112℃Boling Point 282.3°C at 760 mmHgFlash Point 114.1°CWater Solubility 0.608 g/L […]

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  • Is 1- bromobutane a hazard?

    Is 1- bromobutane a hazard?largely ignitable . undoable in water. Special Hazards of Combustion Products poisonous smothers of hydrogen platitude. 1- BROMOBUTANE is inharmonious with strong bases and oxidizersIs 1- bromobutane answerable in water?1- Bromobutane is the organobromine emulsion with the formula CH3( CH2) 3Br. It’s a tintless liquid, although impure samples appear unheroic. It’s undoable in water, but answerable in organic detergents. It’s a primarily used as a source of the butyl group in organic conflation. Is 1- bromobutane chiral or achiral?According to the composition of bromobutane in this website, bromobutane is a chiral emulsion.Feel free to communicate us to get samples of 1- […]

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