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Is 1- bromobutane a hazard?
largely ignitable . undoable in water. Special Hazards of Combustion Products poisonous smothers of hydrogen platitude. 1- BROMOBUTANE is inharmonious with strong bases and oxidizers
Is 1- bromobutane answerable in water?
1- Bromobutane is the organobromine emulsion with the formula CH3( CH2) 3Br. It’s a tintless liquid, although impure samples appear unheroic. It’s undoable in water, but answerable in organic detergents. It’s a primarily used as a source of the butyl group in organic conflation.

Is 1- bromobutane chiral or achiral?
According to the composition of bromobutane in this website, bromobutane is a chiral emulsion.
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