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Is 1-bromobutane extraordinarily flammable?
Highly flammable. Insoluble in water. Special Hazards of Combustion Products: Toxic fumes of hydrogen bromide. 1-BROMOBUTANE is incompatible with robust bases and oxidizers
Which one has greater boiling factor 1-bromobutane or 2-bromobutane explain?
1-bromobutane (n-butyl bromide) bp = 100° amongst constitutional isomers has greater boiling factor than 2-bromobutane which is branched isomer, has greater compact shape, diminished place of contact and diminished van der Waals appealing forces between molecules.
Which is the right order of growing order of boiling point?
∴ The right order of growing boiling factors is: 0.01M NaNO3<0.01M MgBr2<0.01M La(NO3)3.
Which response has the best possible boiling point?
Due to sturdy hydrogen bonding in HF. The boiling factor of HF is very high. So, HF has perfect boiling point.
Which will exhibit absolute best boiling point?
The chemical factor with the lowest boiling factor is Helium and the factor with the absolute best boiling factor is Tungsten. The cohesion used for the melting factor is Celsius (C).
Which system has perfect boiling point?
Hence C4H9Cl straight chain molecule with the perfect wide variety of carbons has the absolute best boiling point.
What is the refractive index of 1-bromobutane?
1-Bromobutane – Nature

Boiling factor 101.6 °c. Boiling vary (95% distillation) 100~120 deg C. Refractive index 1. 4398 (20 °c).

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