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[ Specification ] 98% Arabinose
[ Detection methods ] HPLC
[ Botanical Name ] Cassia siamea Lamk
[ About L-Arabinose ]
L-Arabinose is a five-carbon sugar produced in plants. It rarely exists in nature by the monosaccharide form. Combined with other monosaccharide unions, Arabinose can be found in sol, hemicellulose, pectic acid, bacterium polysaccharide and certain sugar glucoside by mixed polysaccharide form. High-purity L-Arabinose is a while, crystalline powder.
[ Molecular Formula ] C5H10O5;
[ Molecular Weight ] 150.13;
[ Melting point ] 157-160℃;
[ CAS No ] 87-72-9;
[ Description ] White crystalline powder,Clear, colourless;
[ HPLC (% area) ] min 98%;
[ Sulfated ash ] max 0.2%;
[ Water content ] max 2%;
[ Polarizability ] can be change, +173° (6min) → +105.1°(22.5h, c=3);
[ Application areas ]
• foods
• pharmaceuticals
• ideal intermediate to combine essence and spice
• used to transform the L-Ribose, the carnitine, and biological culture medium to make the ethyl
[Functional Properties· ]

1.Inhibit the metabolism and absorption of sucrose, L-arabinose is the most representative of the physiological effect of the selective influence of intestinal sucrase, thereby inhibiting the absorption of sucrose.

2.Control blood sugar, inhibiting lipogenesis, inhibit sucrose intake caused by hyperglycemia, obesity can be inhibited, preventing and treating of diseases associated with hyperglycemia.

3.Prevention of constipation, promote the growth of bifidobacteria, intake arabinose added 5% sucrose also can promote bifidobacteria (Bifidobacterium) growth.

4.Influence on skeletal muscle composition, L-arabinose has the effect of changes in skeletal muscle fiber composition, dominated by glycolysis to glucose oxidation to affect the growth of abdominal fat tissue, this change in the proportion of muscle fiber type 2 diabetes may improve the effect.

[ Applications ] serve as the treatment medicinal preparation for the disease involving high blood sugar; serve as the inhibitor by which the fat piles up; the function food additive and the health foods which can lose weight ; intermediate for the drugs manufacture and the spice synthesis; chiral medicine monomer; pharmaceuticals idealexcipient; as medicine synthesis intermediater, it can be used to synthesize chemotherapy medicine, say Ara-C, to treatthe leukemia and the cancer